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indian cuisine

The cuisine of India has a large variety of ingredients and recipes. It is characterized by the use of spices, regional variations, and ethnicity. Some foods are staples for a region, while others are seasonal. Often, these dishes are vegetarian, while others include meat or dairy. A few of the popular Indian dishes include:

Saag is a leafy green vegetable dish, and there are different types of saag in different regions. The Punjab sarson ka saag is spicy and contains mustard leaves. Another type is the laal maas, which is a rich, hot curry. It is made with mutton or lamb chunks, garlic, and onions. In some parts of India, it is served with naan.

A variety of lentils, such as split dal and urad dal, are also common in Indian cuisine. These are commonly used in stews and curries. Paneer, or cottage cheese, is often used in these dishes. Other common ingredients in these recipes include spinach, onions, ginger, tomatoes, and garlic. They are generally served with a roti.

Other types of curries are sambar, which are tamarind-flavored stews. Rasam is a spicy and sweet preparation that gets its flavor from cumin, chili pepper, and tamarind. Lentils and rice are also common in this dish. However, chutney and oats are added for additional flavor. Most people think of oats as a type of bread, but oats are actually a grain, and are eaten in many varieties in India.

Many of the traditional meals are served on a large platter called a thali. Each item is accompanied by a sweet, and all are consumed at the same time. Traditionally, the meal is topped with yogurt. There are several kinds of chutney, which are sometimes sipped with the meal, and they are a great way to cool down the palate.

In southern India, a popular food is the avial. This dish is traditionally served with rice, though it may also be eaten with utthapams, which are a kind of flatbread. Avial is traditionally seasoned with curry leaves, but there are various regional versions. When it is eaten, the dish bursts with a delicious, savory liquid when it is bitten.

Vegetable dishes are popular in the western part of India, as well as along the west coast. In addition to saag, fish is also a popular part of the diet. Besides these main dishes, there are also a variety of other options. Some people serve aloo parathas, which are a puffed flatbread made from unleavened cornmeal. Others will serve an aloo bharta, which is a spiced potato mash.

Butter is also a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. Originally, it was eaten in the form of ghee, but it is now a popular additive to many types of dishes. Known as makhani in Hindi, it is a common ingredient in Indian curries.

Other popular fried items in Indian cuisine are momos, chapati, and pappadams. Momos are soft, steamed dumplings that are usually filled with a mixture of meat or vegetables. They can be stuffed with different fillings, and are a favorite for Indian breakfasts.